Wooden Fencing

Why Wooden Fencing?

Wooden fencing has a timeless look that makes it an attractive addition to home and work environments. Don’t be forced into choosing between style and function, our design options can enhance the look of your outdoor space without sacrificing function as perimeter or privacy fencing. Take a look at some of our previous projects to find a style you like, or call today and talk to one of our skilled sales professionals.

Timeless design

From country homes to business lots, a wooden fence can enhance your space. Bring your project to life with a selection of styles and designs to match your vision. Whether you’re looking for privacy or decor, selecting wooden fencing is a dramatic choice that draws on classic styles.

Integrated Post Technique

At American Fence Co. we understand that fence installation is an investment, that’s why we use techniques to optimize durability and longevity of your fence project. For wooden privacy fencing we use an integrated post technique that provides unrivaled stability and strength. These high quality carbon steel posts are rated for wind speeds up to 73 MPH and resist scratching and rust due to galvanized factory coating, making your fence tough enough for all weather situations.

A solid investment

Wood is an economic and ecologically friendly option, with costs comparative to other styles of fencing. The lifetime of a wood fence can be extended with regular maintenance and repairs as needed. Unlike other materials that need to be recycled or landfilled, wood remains one of the most environmentally friendly building options available today.