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Installing a new fence is an investment. Both financially and aesthetically. That’s why at American Fence Co. we are committed to making sure our customers get the right fence for their needs. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and that means providing a wide range of products. From light commercial to heavy industrial and all manner of residential fencing. Let us help you pick the right fence for your needs. 

Our installation crews and office staff are experienced in design and implementation. There is no longer a need for outside engineers or architects. Let a skilled representative of American Fence Co. help you from start to finish. We will provide proper specifications, along with sample drawings and comprehensive recommendations of high quality materials and installation procedures.


Ornamental Fences

Enhance your outdoor space with a selection of our ornamental fencing

Commercial Chainlink

Find your balance between function and form, chainlink fence is an economical answer to a variety of issues.

Custom Designs

Contact one of our design experts to match our skills to your needs